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Finn & Flame Princess

The story begins with a famous saying... "At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet."

Finn and Jake are at the Tree House, Finn says "HEY JAKE, DID YOU SEE BEEMO." Jake replied "NO I DIDN'T, BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO YELL." Finn said "WHY," Jake replied "I am right next to you bro. Finn said in amazment "oh, well I want to beat that game thats called... That Game." Jake said "oh well uumm I think he is outside talking to Tree Trunks. Finn and Jake go outside to find BMO talking to Tree Trunks. "Oh this game is, is soo fun" Tree Trunks said. "oh thank you" BMO said in reply. All of a sudden the ground started to shake, and BMO fell down. "OWW" BMO said. "What was that" Jake said. "I don't know but it didn't sound good, maybe just a worm, or probably one of PB's projects." Finn said.


"Or probably one of PB's projects." Finn said. Jake ran in the Tree Fort and gets his sword and comes outside again. "Come out you baby" Jake said as he starts stabing the ground. "Maybee one of Peeble's projects I said, lets go to the Candy Kingdom." Finn segusted. So they raced to the kingdom and found everyone on the ground, "What happened here!" Finn said in a shoking voice.