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WHO WILL SAVE THE ICE KING? He is in trouble The Ice Crown is making him crazy.

Finn and Jake are heroes but not so heroic, Ice king need help he need someone who help him to break his curse of the crown and be a normal guy like he was with his intelligence. Finn and Jake really didnt care of Ice King and they know about his story because they saw the tapes. I think Finn can show those tapes to bubblegum and she may try to help him with science or something Ice king is in trouble and need help but no one wants to help him. I think Marceline can help him but she needs help from other people too, like Finn and Jake and Bubblegum. Finn can go on an Adventure and try to break the curse or read the Enchiridion to see more things or i dont know i just want that someone would help the Ice King so he would be annoying anymore and be more intelligent than anyone in Ooo like he was.

I also leave you guys this video of him too.

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