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  • I live in Atlantis
  • My occupation is Cyborgs/ Adventure Time
  • I am Female
  • Finnekinette

    I have a lot of weird dreams about Adventure Time. I have weird dreams in general, but the weridest ones have Adventure Time in them.

    Last night i had a dream where i was at six flags with my brother and we were going on this broken ride, and we somehow lived, so we got some ice cream. After that my brother disapeared and i ran into this mall and in an unoccupied room Jake was there and he told me that Finn wasnt waking up, dont know why, so i slapped Finn and he turned into a middle aged ugly guy, so i slapped him again and it turned into a flashback or something of when Finn lived with people, then it was Finn, Jake, PB, and me in a room with Barbie and Ken talking about getting a vase that can determine the end of the world. Ken wanted e…

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  • Finnekinette

    First of all, im just gonna say this. I DONT LIKE THESE LOVE CRAP EPISODES. I hate them as a matter of fact. I run away screaming when i see the ads for Burning Low. I mean, the comic con preview was good. I thought it was funny. But the TV ads look like a terrible episode to me! The only episodes that i dont like are the episodes surrounded around love. I like the episode where their killing monsters, not crying 24/7. Now, some poeple that i know like them because they have a lot of feelings or whatever, but i like those classic season one episodes like Dungeon and The Duke.

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  • Finnekinette

    In season four, almost half of the episodes have been surrounded around freakin LOVE STORIES. It's really annoying! I liked season one, when they just went around killing stuff. Now, it's turning into Finn crying in a corner, or Flame Princess being stalked by Finn (No offence to you people who like that, I think FP is awesome when she acts evil). And on here, All i see for blog posts is people who are like "FINN AND PB FOREVER!" IT'S NOT TWILIGHT PEOPLE, IT'S A 14 YEAR OLD AND A DOG RUNNING AROUND KILLING STUFF!

    Same with singing. I despise singing in episodes.....

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  • Finnekinette

    This question has been in my head for a long time. I just want to see what people think on here.

    All of my friends say that I'm PB, and I totally agree with them. I'm a total science geek. I answered all the chemestry questions correctly at a thing at school (I kept wispering to my friend "neeerd.."), I'm a wicked good student, and I basically all around act like her.

    Then they ALSO say that I'm a little like Flame Princess, mainly because she's insane (like me) and my friends said that i would look exactly like her if i wore her outfit (because I have red hair)

    So, who do you all think your like?

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  • Finnekinette

    Seanon 3 Ending

    February 14, 2012 by Finnekinette


    I think that the ending to season 3 is a real cliff-hanger. It REALLY makes me want to run into Cartoon Network studios and watch all of the up coming episodes! I really didn't like all the sing-songy love stuff, but besides that it was really good. Beemo was SO FUNNY, "If anyone tries to hurt Finn, I WILL KILL THEM." LOL!!!!

    All in all, it was really good. I can't wait to see more of Flame Princess (best character EVER, reminds me of myself)

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