• Finnseption

    So I was searching for Hunson Abadeer pictures for my Facebook profile, then I saw a picture that, seriously, creeps the math out of me. Turns out it was a picture from tumblr posted by marceline-abadeer8. So here's the pic

    This picture may not an official picture from AT. But yeah it makes me think. So, is it true? That Gunther is an evil genius and the master-mind of all of these madness?

    btw the picture is obviously not mine.

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  • Finnseption

    Question About Marcy

    August 17, 2012 by Finnseption

    Okay, this is my first post. Sorry for my English, it's my 3rd languange.

    I just wanna ask, in Daddy's Little Monster, Marceline said that she doesn't want to hang out with Finn anymore. So, does she said that for real? Well we all can see after that episode, Marceline never show up again so I start to take her words seriously.

    Will Marceline show up again???

    • she ismy third fav characters, the first is Jake and the second is Ice King
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