Hello everyone, I just want to tell you all I'm leaving for a Year! No ones gonna change that! Wanna know why?! Because people such as Marcaline and Alice the wiz and Adventure king are being crucial against me! Lighten up you all your insulting a lonley temporarily handicapped sensitive boy with no friends. If you all hate me now and can't respect my desisions then why don't you all rot in a ditch with a star in a circle a the bottom! Im sick of and tired of people hating on me! Marcaline, I thought we were friends.forget you! If you all make up your minds and want to get me back, don't! I hate you all! Whenever I say somthing everyone is always rude to me! Rot in hell! I don't want you all except a certain person out of my life! Rot, rot in hell, ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!!!! One of the reasons I came here is to make friends but instead I am hated. I'm dissapointed. Finntheeditor March 11 2011 - April 27 2012