aka Mabel Pines

  • I live in Lima Heights!!! <3
  • I was born on February 4
  • My occupation is sitting here and typing. What else?
  • I am Female. Duh. =,=
  • FioLiz

    Just a real story!

    September 29, 2012 by FioLiz

    “Did you see the way Caleb fought Chase? It was so awesome!” My best friend, Julie, exclaimed. “Ugh. I still think Pogue is hotter than Caleb. Look at those abs!” “No way. Caleb is way more hotter than any of those guys.” I told her. “Maybe they are both hot.” By the way, my name is Liz. Liz Anderson. Actually it’s supposed to be Elizabeth, but Liz is.....just shorter. My mom is Scottish, dad’s British, mix it all up, there you go. Lizzy is born. Let’s stop talking about that. Let’s just go back to my story. “I wish Brian’s name was Pogue. I’ll call him Pogy, if I can.” Julie laughed. “I wonder. Hmm. Imagine this: You are face-to-face with the real Pogue. Now, you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to ask him a valuable question...” I to…

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  • FioLiz

    My concerns.

    September 27, 2012 by FioLiz

    As some of you noticed, my profile is all depressing and stuff. Well, that's because I am.

    I have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and MD (Major Depression) a past few weeks then. My Pshyciatrist told me that I really need to work out some more. But I have been, and it doesn't work. I think maybe this all happened because I lost my modship.

    I don't really blame anyone, but I only blame myself. This is all my fault. I wasn't making anyone proud and happy. I wasn't really gaurding the chat well, too. I can't really tell if I had to work my ass off for that; I just asked for it. See how selfish Lizzy is? I guess that's what you were thinking. Well, if you were saying that to your head, Forgive me.

    I will always remember this qoute from Tumb…

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  • FioLiz


    August 31, 2012 by FioLiz

    OKAY. So, FPF, sorry. I'm not in U.S. >.

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  • FioLiz

    First Blog!

    August 25, 2012 by FioLiz


    This is my first blog post. XD I got 72 edits, and I didn't make a blog post. Okay. So.. I dun know what to post here. I guess I'll learn if I'm used to this new website. :/ LizzyWas Here!' 12:58, August 25, 2012 (UTC)

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