“Did you see the way Caleb fought Chase? It was so awesome!” My best friend, Julie, exclaimed. “Ugh. I still think Pogue is hotter than Caleb. Look at those abs!” “No way. Caleb is way more hotter than any of those guys.” I told her. “Maybe they are both hot.” By the way, my name is Liz. Liz Anderson. Actually it’s supposed to be Elizabeth, but Liz is.....just shorter. My mom is Scottish, dad’s British, mix it all up, there you go. Lizzy is born. Let’s stop talking about that. Let’s just go back to my story. “I wish Brian’s name was Pogue. I’ll call him Pogy, if I can.” Julie laughed. “I wonder. Hmm. Imagine this: You are face-to-face with the real Pogue. Now, you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to ask him a valuable question...” I told her. “What would you ask? Remember, only one.” “I’d ask if he was single.” “No way. He has a girlfriend, you goose. Try again.” “I’ll ask why was his name ‘Pogue’. I mean, that name is gibberish. He’s too hot to be named like that.” Sometimes, Julie is sent to the Principal’s office for offending a student. Like last week, she got sent to that hell-bound office for stealing a teacher’s ID. And the week before that, she got sent home for describing the Janitor’s job as “weird” and “smelly like rancid Acid.” But I think she’s really awesome. Like me.

Sometimes, even the most bad and naughty girls can be the most awesome, radical, and supportive friends are actually in front of you.

WARNING: This is a real story. Believe it or not, I am AWESOME. Any part of this text copied, and I will kick your bums. Be aware of your copy-paste symbols. :P


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