As some of you noticed, my profile is all depressing and stuff. Well, that's because I am.

I have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and MD (Major Depression) a past few weeks then. My Pshyciatrist told me that I really need to work out some more. But I have been, and it doesn't work. I think maybe this all happened because I lost my modship.

I don't really blame anyone, but I only blame myself. This is all my fault. I wasn't making anyone proud and happy. I wasn't really gaurding the chat well, too. I can't really tell if I had to work my ass off for that; I just asked for it. See how selfish Lizzy is? I guess that's what you were thinking. Well, if you were saying that to your head, Forgive me.

I will always remember this qoute from Tumblr:

"Depression is not a sign of weakness;

It is a sign that you worked far too hard."