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  • FionnaCake117

    Fallout Time

    Chapter 1

    well i guess i should start of somewhere. hmmmm... aaaa i know.

    in the year 2077 all of america was nuked, and the few people that survied lived in little bunkers in mountains and under ground. almost every life form above ground when the nukes fell where dead installe. everone, kids, familys, anamiles, you name it. and most of the bildings and housings. well the bunkers that the survivers lived in where called vaults. i think because they where never sopost to be opened ever again. except for one day when our vault was opened and two people got out.... but that store will wait this part is about me Finn. thats my name, obuisly, im just a young boy by the age of 9 as of now. I wear a baby blue shirt most of the time wit…

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  • FionnaCake117

    i made a Fionna minecraft skin if anyone wants it heres the link

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  • FionnaCake117

    i am makeing a rune scape adventure time clan if anyone wants to join send a freind request to gernade 24 or just leave a messige here

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  • FionnaCake117


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  • FionnaCake117

    heres a good idea. Adventure Time trading cards!!! If they dont already have them thes could make alot of money for Adventure Time. there could be cards for chareters, places, items, and episodes. the snail could be the most commen because he is in every episode. and zombie finn could be the rarest!(zombie finn is in slumber party panic the first window the breaks just before finn yells "smash the piantas!")

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