Fallout Time

Fallout Time

Chapter 1

well i guess i should start of somewhere. hmmmm... aaaa i know.

in the year 2077 all of america was nuked, and the few people that survied lived in little bunkers in mountains and under ground. almost every life form above ground when the nukes fell where dead installe. everone, kids, familys, anamiles, you name it. and most of the bildings and housings. well the bunkers that the survivers lived in where called vaults. i think because they where never sopost to be opened ever again. except for one day when our vault was opened and two people got out.... but that store will wait this part is about me Finn. thats my name, obuisly, im just a young boy by the age of 9 as of now. I wear a baby blue shirt most of the time with a 101 on it, i like to wear my dreiman blue shorts and my little booty like shoes, oh and i have golden blond hair i have a twin sister named Fionna she is just like me with golden blond hair, and sthe same clothes as me. everyone in this vault has the same clothes i dont know why they just do. we live in one of this vaults and as long as i can remeber i HATED living in our vault theres no fun, no adventure no excidment, and not just me but Fionna hates it to for the same reasons! but hey its better than living in the, glob who knows what kind of world out there.

Chapter 2

the vault opens to a new world

well today was an amasing day! gun fights, robbing, and murder! not that any of this is good, but its amazing to wach. anyway someone accualy got out of this vault and then his son got out to, AND rumer has it he killed the overseer! he kinda was a big nerd. but now his daughter is in contrall. but if this guys got out, i wonder if its posibale for me and my sister to get out? hmm? i dont think so. but i still tryed that night. it was quiet simpale i just "barowed" the key card tho the main door, or the vault's only way in/out, then run though it and close it on the way out but its kinda hard to do all that while getting shot at. man i will miss that old 101 on that door, i sure will. as me and Fionna walked though an old door that looked as if it was just two pieces of wood nailed together by three nails, i was blinded by such a brite light that me and Fionna had to cover our eyes and slowly try to look. by the time i could see, all i saw was sand, old blowup bildings, and some old cars. "well Fionna if where going to survive out here we should start on scaviging" i said. "we should look for some kind of weapen to defend ourselfs if we where to get ataked by somting" said my sister. she did have a good point, so we looked in the near by houses, or what was left of them. all we found was some bricks, two boxes of suger bombs, (our diner) a fork , a few pices of paper, one broken pen, a skrew driver 5 nails, a hamer, one locked breif case and some kind of ammo for a gun, i dont know what kind im not that much into guns. i was just about to take a closer look at them when Fionna riped them out of my hands. she turned them all around, looked at the bottom while saying something under her breath. she then looked at me and said "Finn, thes rounds got to a 10mm, so keep an eye out for somthing a gun about the size of this brick could fit it". "ok" i said. "how about this brief case we found" she looked at me with a smile. "finn you are a smart cookie"! well she only said that the time i thought of our plan to get out of the vault so i guess i was right about the gun being in the case. "well we should look for a place to stay for the night, some place no one would look. ooh, ooh, i see a small cave up that mountan. mabye if we put some rockes in the front we could sleep behid them and no buddy could tell some kids where up there"! i said "you know thats not half bad" Fionna said. so thats just what we did. but it took us a wile to fall asleep.when we woke up the next day we finished the suger bombs and tryed to open the brief case but it looked like the only thing opinig it was a lkey, that was missing, so i tryed it with a nail. i put the nail in the case's lock and hit it as hard as i could with the hammer. to our serprise, it worked! and there was a gun that did look like a brick in side along with three of what Fionna called "clips" so i guess she knows more about guns than me, all well im more of an upclose, in the face, kinda guy. all i need is a sowred.

chapter 3

the mutaded animales

while me and Fionna where looking in a old car later that day we heard some one talking. it sounded like TWO people "ooh man this is not good" i wishberd to Fionna but she didnt look right when i turnd to her. she look as if somthing snaped inside of her before i could ask what was wrong she pulled out the gun we found pulled somthing back on it so it made a "click" sound and right as the two people sounded as if they where on top of us she jumped out and yelled "freeze"! I looked to see what see was doing. as i peeked out of the car's back seat (thats where i was hiding) she was pointing the gun at the two people, or animales as i should say, one looked like some kind of bulldog and the other liked simmuler to a cat but it hade little fur parts of this "cat" had little coffee coler packes of fur and packes of white fur. it also had a saltuale with a red cross on it. "dont move" Fionna yelled. then as if it has magic the dog spoke! not like "bark bark" no he accualey said "we arn't going to move but i will if you shoot me" Fionna must have herd this to because she looked as if someone had slaped her. "what d-d-did y-you s-say?" she asked. "i said we arn't going to move but i will if you shoot me" the dog sayed again "does that say 101 on your shirt"? he asked me. all i could do was node "oooooh thats why.... you guys must not know about life out here and how we are all mutaded or poor or anything"! now he was notmaking any seins. "ok let me explane... Cake explane to this poor, poor souls about life out here" "well" the cat called Cake started "somtimes when you walk into radeason or have some thouch you you turn in to a monster , and can talk too, sometimes. take me for exampale i used to be what you humans call a mole rat, and one day i fell asleep in some mud that had some raddasons chemicals in it now im growing this soft stuff all over my body! and jake here use to be a bulldog now he can talk and strech his hole body into anything"! "ya wach" the dog named jake said as he tuned in to a repica of me only prombloe was im not orangey-yellow like. now i understand, sorta, but i dont care. Fionna on the other hand... she looked like she was on one of thouse old flying machens called planes on her way to the moon.

chapter 4


after 2 hours i finaly comed Fionna down and acaped the fact that life out in the capital wastland was difrent then our coze cod back in vault 101. and by the time we finished it was getting dark."great now we have no food and i lost our way back to the cave" i said. "come on Fionna lets find an old car to sleep in or a dumpster",and right as we where leaving jake said "wait, im sorry for scaring you guys i didnt know you guys where from 101, no one has come out of there i sould have known, here let us help you guys". "ya" cake said. "we where just heading back to our place, you guys can stay with use for the night if you would like"? i wasent about to turn down an offer like this i was just about to make an esxuse to stay longer anyway. i liked talking to jake, he semed cool. "yes please" i said instiley, and without being rude i added "thank you" "yes thank you" Fionna added. "well follow us"! cake said throwing her armes in the toxic air. It wasent long before we got to the house. it was a nice one too, it was inbetween two fairly large rocks jake tolled me that pretecs most of it from sand storms. it was a small two story hous with almost all of the paint removed. the phorch's roof look likes it has chopped down "thats from the time a pack of mimalurks came though" cake tolled me. i dont know what mimalurks are but they must be scarry as we walked though the almost broken door i walked in to the most coolest room ever it had swordes hanging from the wall, old toys on a table that looked like it was made yesterday from the most butifal tree, if any trees still exised. there was a cabent with what looked like brown and blak pipes in ti and at leasted 14 green tin can shaped like rectangols with wheird numbers and letters on it i looked at on it said 200 CARTRIDGES CAL. 50 BLANK M1A1 LINKED M9 WOO86DOO4-O3O. i eas about to ask what this means when i haerd a new voice it sounded like one from one old detetive fims we whaced in school "ah so you found my ammo stase". i looked up to see a man on the shorter side whearind an gray fodora and a orange shirt with light blue jeans. "mine names Joshua, and i can see you like all this stuff i have right?" said Joshua. "what.. oh um yaa....." i started but Joshua cut me off"i wasent talking to you little boy i was talking to this youngh lady here" he said pionting to a smiling Fionna. she then said "ooh yes, i my all about guns, i maen in a good way, not like a hey man im going to shoot you way" "see was with us though" jake wisperd to me. "its ok i know what you mean" Joshua started "i has the same as you, found one one day when i left home, there was a dead man on the side of the road, he also had a diviced called a pipboy never really got the hang off it but i know how to waer it. and how to turn it on, but thats all. well you must all be tired lets go eat what my wife made for us". wow usaly when i met someone new i entroduse my self but i gusse eating with these people is an incroducon.

Chapter 5

Our New Home

as we walked in to the kichen a smell of apple pie and somthing so good i had know idea how to explanie it. In the room was an woman about the same hieth as Joshua with a big hat with lots of fethers on the sides of it."oh hello dearys i just made dinner"she stated. she also had that old film vioce "your in luck i just made the last apple pie for some time ingredants are getting hard to find now-in-days. by the way my name is Margaret". "hello my name is Finn" "and I'm Fionna" "well how nice to meet you, lets have some dinner" Margaret said with a these people are really nice i thought.