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  • I live in Skyside
  • I was born on July 27
  • My occupation is Student/amateur deductionist/Prankster
  • I am hungry
  • Fionna The Hero

    Are you a good writer? Do you want to win some prizes?

    Well, It's your lucky day....


    Just submit an AT fanfiction to meh, and I shall grade it! 


    1) Honor

    2) 100 moving emotes

    3) The story of PB (aftermath of FP's story, not the thing I will post in June)

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  • Fionna The Hero

    I really wanted to step out of this "shipping" thing, but It's annoying me lately. Seriously.


    MJH's bubbline hate blog = you shouldn't have done that. There are MILLIONS of bubbline shippers, and there was no need to be rude to them or cuss. Believe me, I had that experience when I was new here, and the "homosexuality" was kinda creepy to me at first because of my culture. But this is the internet, and there are millions of people with different brains. And culture. You can't expect everyone to have the same thoughts as you. You did deserve that block. 

    Message to all bubbliners out there: You are scary.

    Shawn tiger's blog = you should have allowed homosexuality. 

    MJH's new blog, Impressive title = Every character have th…

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  • Fionna The Hero


    January 4, 2013 by Fionna The Hero

    This story is fan-based. It's not canon. Don't tell me that this ain't canon and I need to delete this blog. Don't say bad words in spanish. Thank you.

    The legend was foretold about 500 years ago. Let’s start with this.

    “There will be an evil prince, who shall dare to conquer the world.” The old monk began, drinking his cup of tea.

    “He will bring his evil army and will bring down the kingdoms one by one, and kill their leader everytime he succeeds in taking over. The boy is a merciless man, be aware of that. He will stand strong until a rightous hero comes and challenges him. You will have to wait for that hero. It will be useless no matter how much you fight. It will just be a waste of time. You should be patient.”

    Then he died, and no one th…

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  • Fionna The Hero

    Lady is gonna have a child, and I’m really scared about that. I mean, I am happy, but worried at the same time. It’s kinda shocking that Lady actually has my kids, 5 of them to be exact. I know I need help so I asked my bro. Listen to this little convo between me and Finn.

    Me: Dude, Can you listen? I gotta tell you something.

    Finn: Uhh. Mom, dad…Cave

    Me: Hey bro, you ok?

    Finn: Cheesecake….

    Me: Finn, you’re off your rocker. What’s wrong with you man? You sick?

    Seriously, I sometimes don’t know what’s wrong with that kid. Don’t worry, he survived. A few broken bones are not a big deal. Anyways, back to the main topic. When I become a dad, how am I gonna adventure? Finn’s just a kid who’s just too hyperactive. Believe me, that kid’s roast if I’m no…

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  • Fionna The Hero

    It’s been my dream to get out. To touch the wind, feel the leaves. I wanted to set free from this dreadful lamp, holding me prisoner from what it felt like a thousand years. But, my hopes diminished every time when she came to visit.

    My father said she was the Princess of the Candy kingdom, a land really far away from here. Although she was a beautiful lady, her heart was pure evil.  She locked me up in this terrible lamp, like a caged animal. With her sweet voice and her lustful tone, I she casts a spell on my father. She says I am dangerous, and I will kill everyone on this planet if I am set free. Every word she directed to me pierces my heart and kills every part of me. It was deadly, and no other weapon could give any more pain.

    All the…

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