I've been using my spare time to write some AT quizzes and so far they're good! (I think) In order to enter this Quiz show, you must do the following:

1) Comment that you wanna join

2) Tell me ur e-mail address or post ur answers on my talk page and tell me the time. I'll erase it and peps won't copy^^

3) Your name will be posted if ur the first 19 lucky contestants to join.

4) Try your best to win first place! There is a prize...

  • Prize: 150 emoticons and esc games (The prize sucks but they are my treasures and they are soooo cute!!!)

The Reason why Im collecting ur e-mail: so that no one will copy your answers. My e-mail: (and if spammers come and get this email, 엿이나 쳐먹어 개쌔끼야)

5) The contest shall begin on Nov 2.

6) there are 2 teams. A and B.

  *  A=Max of 10 people
  *  B= Max of 10 people.

Note: It dosen't usually matter if your in any teams.

7) This is 100% different from what you're going to expect, so watch out! It's not always about Adventure Time facts.    

Number Username Class Points
1 Blugo34  
2 27finnsprincess  
3 Brozoco  
4 FlamePrincessTheThird567  
5 Atizfan4  
6 Thefinnlink  
7 Beemo  
8  Adventuretimebiggestfan2000  
9  Anna the AT sonic anime fan    
10 A nerdy princess  
12 Miachel Conners  
13 DeathHammer119    
14 Sweet Princess    
15 Harrycat1234    
16 AcePhoenix1    
17 WC1    

Quiz no 1

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Quiz Rules

↑ That's a preliminary Round. Your answers will tell me where you belong, teams A and B (You can name your team, if you want) For those who joined recently: I'll choose your teams because yeah, you didn't answer.

the 2 teams will compete against each other (like total drama island exepct the drama) I'll post a AT quiz every week. Cooperate and answer so you won't be in danger of being like you know, getting out of the Quiz. (only the losers will be in danger, wrong answer.)


Team A Team B
FlamePrincessTheThird567 Blugo34
27finnsprincess Happy Smoothie