Hi it's me FTH. This week, I've been reading a successful webtoon, a simple thinking about bloodtype aka Blood ABO. Although I'm not 100% correct with peps having diff. personalites and all, I'll try to find out. Just answer these Q and I'll tell ya bloodtypes

 *this thing has no scientific proof. I'll just guess it 4 fun, but there are some things I have to agree*

1. If a metor is to crash into the earth the next day, What will you mostly pack? Electronics? Food? Plant an apple tree?

2. You're passing a cliff. There is a log connecting to the other end. There is someone else on the other end, crossing. Are you going to let him go first, or wait for the other guy to make you go first?

3. How long do you remember painful words actions etc.?

4. Do you like haning out with friends? Or, do you like to go out alone?

5. Are you lazy?

6. Do you want to be first place in a contest? Will you do anything to win it?

7. After you called, are you expecting the other one on the phone to disconnect or do you just disconnect it?

8. do you have the power to say no when the others agree?

9. A storm is abt to hit your apartment. What will you prepare for the storm and how?

10. Do you plan every move you make?

11. Are you a perfectionist?

ok pls answer in the comments below. ^^