I'll keep it simple.

FINNAME: There is a possibility that FP might die. Don't get ur hopes up. She's not gonna live there forever.

FUBBLEGUM:Maybe you guys are pleased by the message to Finname. Finn x PB? Relationship over. EAT IT.

BUBBLINE: You guys make me laugh. Marcy will be with Ice King.
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Proof no 1

There are 2 proofs!

Ex. no 1 →

Example 2=It's here.

Update peps dont know what the 어쩌라고 I am talkin about. So far only one got my message. There are a lot of Bubbline and they think Im a total sick Korean weirdo. All they care is the message to their ships. Ill say it in Korean if u dont get it.

오빠 강남스타일

(translations shall be given when no one STILL get my dang message.) 😒

That's it for today! Bye!

Fionna The Hero (talk) 12:17, October 4, 2012 (UTC)