This story is fan-based. It's not canon. Don't tell me that this ain't canon and I need to delete this blog. Don't say bad words in spanish. Thank you.


Chapter 1: OOOlympics
Chapter 2: The Pendant
Chapter 3: Destiny and dreams
Chapter 4: TBA


The legend was foretold about 500 years ago. Let’s start with this.

“There will be an evil prince, who shall dare to conquer the world.” The old monk began, drinking his cup of tea.

“He will bring his evil army and will bring down the kingdoms one by one, and kill their leader everytime he succeeds in taking over. The boy is a merciless man, be aware of that. He will stand strong until a rightous hero comes and challenges him. You will have to wait for that hero. It will be useless no matter how much you fight. It will just be a waste of time. You should be patient.”

Then he died, and no one thought that his words will come true...