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korean -English translations on LR's talk


LR:제이크가 실종되기전에 내가 월랑국수 너무 질기다고 말했어요. 아,내가 왜 그런말을 했을까, 무슨 나쁜일이 생겼으면 어떻해? 개가 만든국수 맛없다고한게 우리 마지막 대화였어요.

Traslantion:Before Jake dissappeared, I told him that his noodles were too tough. Oh, why did I say this, what if something went wrong? The time I told him his noodles were too tough was the last time we talked.

Short Preview

LR:그놈이 칼들면 어떻해요?

Translation: What if he wields a sword?

LR: 그놈이 공주님을해고하면 어떻해요?

Translation:What if he fires at you?

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