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Melanwy The Half-Human!

pretty much i made a made up character of my stories in my notebook for AT. she is called Melanwy The Half-Human! (Melanwy). So pretty much i decided i put a story about her on here.

Melanwy My Fictional AT Comic character

Melanwy is 12 years old.

Here is the story:

Hi! My Name is Melanwy and I am 12 years old! I have red hair and brown eyes. Im always wearing my blue and white shirt. And I wear a red skirt. And I have a red backpack.I wear brown boots. I wear a blue ribbon in my hair and I have yellow buttons sewn to my head. Why do I have yellow buttons on my head? Well, im about to tell you. When I was a kid it was rumored that only one human was around and it wasn't me. It was some kid named Finn who is probably older than me. I was a bit sad at this so I tried to get noticed as a human.I figured out that im not getting noticed as a human so I gave up. I went to the Doll Kingdom and became a half-human. Im not sure where that one kid Finn is now but, I dont care if he's sucking up the world with his humanness. Im fine with what i am now. I don't tell anyone but, I can actually remove the buttons from my's easy. I don't like to talk about it though. Im considered as a Ooo.....but, no one has said it. Im cuirous of Finn the human boy. My mind has changed since the button incedent but, if i find Finn....I'd love to tem up with him if he is a hero boy! I also have a emerald sword I will not reveal now but,later.

now thats the story of Melanwy! Tell me what you guys think of her!

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