• Fire Keese

    Enough already

    March 3, 2014 by Fire Keese

    No point arguing with people. I am not inthe move to deal with "sick burns". Not even sure why I posted this. I was just upset about the snow and wanted to bitch about something.


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  • Fire Keese

    Random Blog

    February 17, 2014 by Fire Keese

    Hi I'm fire Keese. I know I've been beating down shippers but I'm am a normally nice person. I'm sorry if I have upset anyone but I like to try to remind people of what really matters to this show not some ship.

    I have been playing Zelda Master Quest. Maybe it was a bad idea after not playing for 3 years because it's kicking my butt. I have not played OOT in a while so I'm a little rusty.

    I'm Also a artist I draw things. Not very well but I do my best. I made a new tumblr for my drawing of the....things.

    I'm open for all suggestions of stuff to fill my art blog with :)

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  • Fire Keese

    The only one

    February 12, 2014 by Fire Keese

    People are acting like Finn will be alone foe EVAR just because Flinn ended. I do not get the logic in that. We know Ooo is a big place and that it is only a continent. Thinking FP is the only girl around is age is rather silly.

    Who said Finn is not allowed to fall in love with another girl? I think people have been to spoiled by Diseny and forget there is no such rule stating a character has to fall in love with only one and that person is the one they must marry. It's just a trope most shows common in kids show use. That is not how true love works. It's not common to marry the first person you fall in love with or date. I know if they added a new girl Flinn shippers would rain hate down on her even if she was a cool character.

    Look at Appl…

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