People are acting like Finn will be alone foe EVAR just because Flinn ended. I do not get the logic in that. We know Ooo is a big place and that it is only a continent. Thinking FP is the only girl around is age is rather silly.

Who said Finn is not allowed to fall in love with another girl? I think people have been to spoiled by Diseny and forget there is no such rule stating a character has to fall in love with only one and that person is the one they must marry. It's just a trope most shows common in kids show use. That is not how true love works. It's not common to marry the first person you fall in love with or date. I know if they added a new girl Flinn shippers would rain hate down on her even if she was a cool character.

Look at Apple Wedding. If your opinion of Pig and Treetrunks love destroied by the fact she has exes? PB and marcy has exes does that destory any ship of the two? Jake has a ex does that make Lady and his pairing any less valid. Here is a chance for a cartoon to teach a rather good lesson. It does not matter what came before people can move on and find love again.


I'd like to talk about Full moon sagashite and Fruits Basket were I got over my origanl ships because the stories really made me feel rather satisfied in the end. I was ok with the new pairing and was happy to see them together in the end.

(I may or may not have screamed in joy at the end of one of the mangas...)

So I know what it's like to get a ship sunk but you should not be resistant to the idea of a new ship sailing.

Now I'm sick of debating the love life of a fictional cartoon character talk it out if you like I said my peace.

/rant over

PS/ Them spliting up is not the end of the show like I saw a few people barking. If the show get's the axe it will be more because CN's doing then anything else.