Finn and Jake VS a pimple

In the Tree Fort, Finn was almost getting ready to go on an adventure until...

Finn: Jake, what TIME ist it?

Jake: Adven-- Wait, something's on your face.

Finn: What is it?

Jake: Looks like...a...

Finn: TELL ME.

Jake: Ohh, no...

Finn: What?

Jake: It's...It's A PIMPLE!!!

Finn: OH MY GLOB!!!

Jake: What do we do?! What do we do?!

Finn: Your'e the smart guy, you tell me what to do!

Jake: Uhhh... Cover it with this.

Jake handed over a piece of tape.

Finn: Ok... How do I look?

Jake: Here's a mirror.

Finn looked at himself.

Finn: Hmm... Looks good.

Suddenly, the tape went inside the pimple.

Finn: What the?!

Jake: Oh no man, it's getting bigger.

Finn: How is that even possible?


Finn: I'm gonna lose it!!

BMO walks towards them.

BMO: Why are you guys, shouting?

Finn: Can't you see this? IT'S A PIMPLE!!

Jake: What should we do BMO? TELL US!!

BMO: Why not use tape?

Finn: BMO, you suck. We already used it!

BMO: Just trying to help...

Finn: That's it. I'm popping it.

Jake: No Finn, no!!

Finn: I must.

He punched the pimple with his left hand.

Jake: It's getting smaller.

Finn: Well, that worked.

Jake: Oh, wait. It's bleeding.

Finn: Oh my glob, Oh my glob, Oh my glob!!

Jake: The blood is pouring out.

Finn: Aaaahhh... IT'S ALL OVER MY FACE!!!