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  • Flambo the Epic Epic(;

    es mi bday

    October 29, 2014 by Flambo the Epic Epic(;

    hi you may all grace me with gifts now

    Same as it ever was. 21:18, October 29, 2014 (UTC)

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    So today Wikia has officially launched their Wikia Maps for the communities to use. I think it would be a great idea to make a map of the Land of Ooo for our wiki. I am not positive yet (and could ask) but I believe that anyone can contribute to a map. This page is a guide to the maps. I would like to start a map for the community using the Land of Ooo image that has the most info while also being the most recent and detailed. I have selected the one below:

    I have decided to group the categories of the locations for now to the categories we have on the wiki, except I might separate "Kingdoms and Villages." We also have to chose a pin type to mark locations and link to pages. I am thinking we have the gif below to mark geological locations, …

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  • Flambo the Epic Epic(;

    So first of all let's say my original plan was to surprise you guys by making my own Vlog on the episode. This did not happen due to my sister's basketball practice getting cancelled. I basically made up this whole blog in my mind last night so I'll do my best to put down what I wanted to say.

    First off I think it was a pretty good episode. Lots of character development and we get to see mor eof the Flame Lord, who's name is actually Don James and is voiced by a famous retired wrestler. And yes apparently FK and FL like to fistfight, and Jake is sleeping over with LR (again). So yeah that's that but now I want to get into the real seriousness of this blog: using logic and reason to try and combat the loads of butthurt that many fans are feel…

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  • Flambo the Epic Epic(;

    Thanks to Comics Continuum, we now have the summaries of three more episodes, which are "The Vault," "Love Games," and "Dungeon Train."

    I think the most interesting and eventful one of the three is "The Vault."

    Here is the summary:

    "When Finn starts sleepwalking and dreaming about the Green Lady he filed away in his memory vault, Jake and BMO help him tap into his repressed memories to uncover a secret past. Who is the Green Lady? And how is she connected to Finn?"

    Those last two questions are what I wondering about. Maybe Finn was encountered by the Ghost Lady as a baby, before he was found by Jake's parents? What if she was some childhood nightmare that is trying to escape Finn's mind? And, most importantly, could she have something to do wi…

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  • Flambo the Epic Epic(;

    I decided to make a blog that will get everyone on the wiki to calm down and take their minds off of things, whether it is on the wiki or in real life, I feel a blog like this is important. Now I know all you haters are gunna say "but this blog is irrelevant" but this blog, however, has purpose and it is not about selfish things or spamming, no, so don't spam guys. 

    So I want to introduce the topic of discussion:

    Have you ever heard a song that seemed to change you forever? Do you feel it relates to your life or helps you through it? Is it a song you will never forget? I know you got one in mind that has meaning to you.

    So what I want you to do is LINK a video containing the song you like. I also want you to give an explanation of how and whe…

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