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Once in the land of Ooo, everything was normal. A city known as the capital of Ooo was growing rapidly. This city was run by humans though other creatures were always welcome into it. Everyone was happy.

Then one day, a man by the name of Simon Petrikov ( (read orign))

He was able to conjure a blizzard without knowing and it eventually buried the city. Many humans fled and amoung them were a young couple with blonde hair and exceptional strength. As the land turned into an ice age, only a few humans survived and they escaped down the sewer.

As the years went by, the humans built a new city they called Beautopia. A new baby was born into the city by the couple mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, the humans were attacked by Lub Glubs. The mother took her baby up the tallest tower and pushed it through the earth while the father stayed behind to protect the city. The humans had to flee again but the father did not make it. The Lub Glubs had won. All but one of the humans were exposed to radiation and they became wierd "fish people".

Meanwhile a dog couple who were expecting a son themselves came upon the baby who was alone in the woods sitting in its own boom boom. They picked him up and read stiched into his had the words "Finn the Human". They decided to raise him as their own. When their son was born, the father went off to build a dungeon.

He came back to witness the birth of his second son, but when he went back to finish the dungeon, he never returned.

Ten years later, Simon, now known as the Ice King, was at full power and had taken the city as his own kingdom. Finn and Jake's mother had passed on and they became orpins wandering the Land of Ooo on thier own.

A vampire who owned a house on a great field had just broken up with her boyfriend. She grew bored and moved back to her old house in a cave. That is when our heroes came and decided to use the house as thier own.

They made many new allies and friends all over Ooo and had become great heroes.