So first of all let's say my original plan was to surprise you guys by making my own Vlog on the episode. This did not happen due to my sister's basketball practice getting cancelled. I basically made up this whole blog in my mind last night so I'll do my best to put down what I wanted to say.

First off I think it was a pretty good episode. Lots of character development and we get to see mor eof the Flame Lord, who's name is actually Don James and is voiced by a famous retired wrestler. And yes apparently FK and FL like to fistfight, and Jake is sleeping over with LR (again). So yeah that's that but now I want to get into the real seriousness of this blog: using logic and reason to try and combat the loads of butthurt that many fans are feeling right now.

Let's start off with the situation. So Don John is more powerful than we expected, obviously. I can't understand with, what was her name, something with an 'O'?, why that one Flame Person who brought FP tea was trying to poison her. It doesn't seem likely that Don James was using his spell yet. Maybe she was just loyal to FK still, idk just a thought. Anyway, he comes in and takes control of the Flame People, "entrancing" them to let FK go. Don John then uses his powers to remove her armor and crown basically leaving her in her undergarments, poisoned, and helpless. But then, da da da da daaaaaaaa. CINNAMON BUN SAVES THE DAY. He fights off the entranced Flame People and then rides FP to safety on his fire wolf which he named "Jake 2" and apparently was taught to fly by CB. Now FP needs help, and she isn't taking none of PB's devious (RADICATED) anymore, so she decides to go to Finn.

Okay now I want to get into the real meat of this blog, this is the part that will probably attract the most flamers but just hear me out. So how I saw Finn through pretty much the whole episode, and I am being completely honest here, a total d bag. "Oh no Flambo how could you say that about the main hero in the series AT?!" Let's get some things discussed here.

First off, Frost & Fire end? We all know how that episode went down and let's discuss some of Finn's personality during this episode. Now, to be fair, all the boys know about this stuff and it's just natural and nothing to discuss about the reference here, blah blah blah. And I don't even have a girlfriend yet so I probably would not be the best person to talk about this, blah blah. But let's just look at the facts. How did Finn start acting after his first dream? Was he really thinking much about FP herself, or was he thinking about his own satisfaction in a dream? Let's review. Finn sees FP and IK battle, FP wins, Finn then has a dream, he wants to have it again, he tricks them to fight again when this time no one even exchanged words except for Finn, Ice King wins, this time Finn has a very unpleasant dream, Jake tells Finn he has to finish his dream because of the Cosmic Owl (okay maybe it was partially Jake's fault but...), Finn tricks them to fight again by insulting his own girlfriend as the IK and insulting IK as FP which I have to say is pretty low, they fight again but this time it escalates and destroys the Ice Kingdom, Finn tells FP the truth and FP feels lied to and leaves Finn.

Now, at this point FP feels lost, alone, and cheated. I'm sure lots of people have felt this way before, and it probably sucked a lot for FP. "...he basically betrayed [her]." Now, with no one else to turn to, FP discovers PB spying on her who says she can help "fix" FP and make her stable by doing various tests. FP complies, seeing no other place to go. And then, when PB has to step out to help clean up Finn's mess in the Ice Kingdom, she leaves, that's right, CB in charge! CB disobeys PB and becomes friends with FP. He breaks her out of PB's lab and takes her to his house, where he shows her much kindness and helps her discover the truth about her past. Now, feeling deceived by two sides, FP, with the aid of CB, goes and takes the Fire Kingdom from her father and the people rejoice her as their new ruler who rules under honesty. Then, it happens: FP tells Finn they should just be friends.

There I hope you are all caught up now because now it's time to talk. So, throughout last night's episode, what was Finn's ultimate goal? Was it really to retake FP's kingdom. Or was it to retake FP for himself? Well for one thing, Finn keeps trying to hard to get her back, and FP and CB know it. He's coming in too strong, as usual. He tries to make himself more heroic for FP, but that actually makes him less heroic. They both get captured and leave CB to, oh god how could I forget this word, smoot? lol idr. But anyway CB has to fight off the guards and escapes. Meanwhile, FK and FL get into a fight, requiring no input from really any character but themselves to be defeated. Finn admits that he messed up, but still insists that he can save the day. Then, who has to save the day again? Mmmhmm, CB. It seems CB and FK did everything in this episode to resolve the overall conflict, but it took the combined efforts of the events and CB and FP to resolve the relationship tension.

But when CB was fully cooked, those lines of his were just completely beautiful. CB always had the potential to be a gentlemen, he was just never completely cooked by PB. But no seriously that was the sweetest thing I have seen on the show. It empowered me, and, like Incendium changed me two years ago, changed me again, maybe more. I know it may seem foolish, but I legitimately feel those two deserve to be together, forever by each other's side, because of how nice CB was to FP the whole time. He never hurt her, he supported her all the way, and stood up to her in front of a crowd of uncertain subjects. He did more for her then Finn ever did. I ship them as a person, not as a desperate AT shipper.

Now a word to our flamers:

"ew no CB is like 30 she's like 15": Okay since when has age every mattered on this show? People shipped Fubblegum! People shipped Finnceline! Also, Finn seems very powerful and brave for his age, and Jake's pups grew up before season six lol.

"cb is a pedo he's too old for fp": For real? Seriously? Think about all those thirteen year old girls who were forcefully married to a man typically twice her age back in the early coal mining days! Even before that! And it seems FP wants to be with CB, she is not repulsed or uncertain about him. She likes him for him.

"but, but maybe finn and fp will get back together in season six": Okay from what i can tell, it seems the At writers are trying to wrap up a bunch of conflicts in these last few episodes of season 5.2. In "Apple Wedding" TT and Mr. Pig get married. In "The Vault" we saw a lot of Finn's origins. In "Too Old" LG 2 is eaten, leaving only one LG. In "Blade of Grass" Finn got his broken sword replaced. And of course Betty, the unaired episode which will most likely resolve Simon's issues with the crown he has been having for 1,000 years. I don't think they are going to dig this up again, with Finname, but that does not mean FP won't appear ever again.

And uh yeah I hope I did not miss anything. This blog took a long time to type so hopefully more than a few people acknowledge it. Again, I really wanted to do my first Vlog, but sorry guys maybe next time. For now, see ya around AT fandom!

Oh and one last thing. I had the song "When It's Love" by Van Halen stuck in my head last night ever since watching this episode. After I brushed my teeth I was singing it before I went to bed and I turned on my radio and guess what was playing? That very song. So here's a little Van Halen dedicated to CB and FP. 0 0pxv/9thvSfq8w2o$3 Heeeeeeeeeeeere's JOHNNY !!! Ugly Monster 22:34, February 11, 2014 (UTC)