So today Wikia has officially launched their Wikia Maps for the communities to use. I think it would be a great idea to make a map of the Land of Ooo for our wiki. I am not positive yet (and could ask) but I believe that anyone can contribute to a map. This page is a guide to the maps. I would like to start a map for the community using the Land of Ooo image that has the most info while also being the most recent and detailed. I have selected the one below:

New Map of Ooo

I have decided to group the categories of the locations for now to the categories we have on the wiki, except I might separate "Kingdoms and Villages." We also have to chose a pin type to mark locations and link to pages. I am thinking we have the gif below to mark geological locations, such as lakes, mountains, and the desert:


However, I have not yet decided on anything for castles, villages, and kingdoms. Maybe one of the Princesses' crown for kingdoms?? We can use the pins to link to pages on the wiki.

Lastly, I think it would be a good idea to embed the map on definitely the Land of Ooo and Earth pages, but maybe we should put it on the major location pages, such as the Candy Kingdom and Tree Fort?

I made this blog so the whole community can take part in building the map, so please leave suggestions or comments here, and post any questions about the maps themselves here, so that someone who knows more about them can answer.


Update: The map is made. I still need suggestions for the pin types. Also, should we include locations on the encyclopedia map that aren't 100% canon to the show? I believe anyone can edit this map, and I highly encourage members of the community to do so. If it is admins-only, then I encourage the other admins to help out. Its still a work in progress, but in no time we should be able to start embedding it to the pages.