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  • Flambothefirey

    hello strangers and stalkers of the world!

    this is my countdown to the lich episode! season 4 primeire!


    --Flambothefirey (talk) 16:04, October 18, 2012 (UTC)FlAmBoThEfIrEy

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  • Flambothefirey

    hello strangers!

    omg so pumped! it looks amazing! personally the lich is is one of the best, the fact that's he's back rocks! i got fooled by the preview. i thought it was regluar show. i love how in the primere of "I Rember you" the ending is so touching, then...


    anyways, looks epic, and i don't wanna wait 6 whole days to see it! :(

    see ya peeps :3

    -FlAmBoThEfIReY ^.^

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