I am one of many people who know that Finn X Flame Princess is the worst couple of all time, this mainly focus on why Flame Princess was a mistake sure I like the episodes that feature Flame Princess, but I think they could have been good without the romantic spice. Now lets get to the list.

1.Princess Bubblegum is touchable meaning you can touch her and you can do it with burning to death

2.Flame Princess isn't "tough", think she's made a fire if she's scared of something she can burn it.

3.Flame Princess messes up the princess fairytale: the story goes with the knight (Finn) saving the princess (PB,LSP,etc.) not the princess being able to kill her captive

4.Flame Princess was just made to be messed up, think:She's a live fireball, she's mentally unstable and can't be around extreme romance, pretty much hinting that the creators wanted the most messed up relationship ever.

5.Princess Bubblegum is smart enough to create guns and stuff, shes smart enough to think of fighting plans proved by when she kicked Ricardio's butt

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