Ok so I have been meaning to put this up for a long time Has anyone out there ever related adventure time to there real life, I know I have last year in December I was walking in my class room and this girl is talking to this guy that I like and im walking in like nothing is wrong then the girl almost starts to yell at the guy why he can’t go out with me she starts saying stuff like she is a freak and she is a nerd and she is not popular ( she is me) so im sitting right behind them like HURTFULL and the chick that was saying all this stuff stops when the guy is pointing at me like “ dude she is over there ” so im relating this hurt full moment of my life to adventure time like when PB starts yelling at Jake and I quote

“ FLAME PRINCESS IS PHYSICALLY UNSTABEL , Her elemental matrix can't handle extreme romance! Glob, if Finn tries to kiss her, she'll burn so hot, she'll melt right through the planet's crust, down through the molten core, then she'll be thrown back and forth by gravity until she burns out the world from the inside! Why do you think I had her father keep her locked up?!

Yeah so I can relate how about you guys any fun moments I would love to hear about


i can also relate I WANT THESE SHOES