so last night I was thinking about the Earth and Water episode , when they showed the little clip of when FP was a baby I started to think if FP was let lose when she was (most Likely) a cople of months old that would most likely be about the time when Finn was found by jakes parents, then you think a little bit more and it may be posible that while Fp was alone as a baby that she may have burned finn's parents to death. Then again it is just a IDEA so don't just shoot it down. No this would not explain Finn's fear of the ocean though many people think that his parents died in water. Is it posible that Finn walked away and got lost, yes, but i think his parents died or at least his mom. Now you dont have to agree with me but i think it could be an anwser to my main question, where are the parents?, But then again for all we know they just appered.