So looking back at Frost and Fire, also Eath and Water, I'm pretty sure we can all agree that Ice King is Frost, Flame Princess is Fire, But Finn and Princess bubblegum can be either earth or water. For this disscussion lets just say that Finn is Water and PB is Earth. While talking to my friend about the new upcoming episodes she brought up Frost and Ice, being the person that i am I had an idea that frost and ice would be about Ice King and Ice Queen, Maybe another  Fionna and cake episode. My Friend said two words Frost Prince. Now for those of you who do not know about this " Frost Prince"  Frost prince is Farmworld finn after he put on the crown, kinda like an Ice King Jr. if you will. We disscused this topic a while more and came up with a this

Frost and Ice, Finn goes to the ice kingdom, while there, Ice king takes off his crown and finn puts it on, Finn is now cold hearted, and when flame princess tries to seek help from finn she finds the new Ice Prince.

Again this is just an idea, i would love to hear what your ideas for this episode are, Comment them below