An old Gumball robot? that's sounds cool. Training Finn to use his new sword, Sounds Awesome! the preview.... He just throws eggs at Finn. I haven't mad a Pre-discussion blog in a while, so I'm glad to be starting back up with this one. One question I have is, Could the old Gumball Robot be the first idea of the gumball guardian that PB ever built? or could it be something that she got the idea of the gumball guardian from? Or did this robot come before or after PB? okay, yeah that was more than one question but I mean you could take that episode anywhere. Finn has a new sword, and someone is willing to teach him, Maybe this old robot will be come a regular character, Who knows? one more question Where is Jake when Finn is getting pelted by eggs?

well lets hope that Finn will have a good time with his new sword. Comment any questions you have or ideas you have about the new episode. I would love to hear them!