Simon and marcie

this is some crazy good fan art i found

Im tired of making predictions about new episodes and them being something diffrent . Simon and Marcy is one of my new favorits ( Valut of Bones is my favorite) but i think its sad that he cant controll him self with the crown and that marcy is afraid of him with "it" on.  but not what i expected at all it was mathematical but just not what i wanted to learn about the show. now they have to go in and explain the monsters that looked like Candy Zombies and the gum...

now i cant wait for A Glitch is a Glitch because i think it is gonna be about BMO most likley not. Now i do have questions and maybe you guys can help me with them why was Simon worried when marcy had a temp she is a vampire arnt they sopost to be cold? IDK but that was my first thought . any other questions you guys had about the episode ? comment them below