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aka Abbey

  • I live in Las Pinas City, Philippines
  • I was born on March 9
  • My occupation is just being a student
  • I am a BIG FAN of Eddsworld
  • FlamePrincesstheThird567

    Issue 1-Lost in a portal

    Issue 1 extra comic- Coming soon

    Summary: Abbey and Trisha are turned into half mixed animals! Abbey now got stuck in a portal while it closed and she needs her sister ,Mika, to help her out!


    Umm.... I'll post Page 4-7 Somewhere here so... Enjoy my comic

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  • FlamePrincesstheThird567

    Since I'm really bored on weekends and nothing to do, I'm setting up an event called question and answer. I will let some people ask me one/a few questions (not including my personal information or something like that sort) and leave a message on my talk page. And I will soon gather questions, answer and post it in a blog maybe?. More like, "What would you do if _____________?" , "Have you ever tried _________?", "Who is your________________" or "If______________ ,_________?". This event (I'd like to call it an event...) will end on the end of November.

    I might post it on an another blog someday...

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  • FlamePrincesstheThird567

    My Fave songs is actually the half of all songs in AT. Especially what Jake sang as Finn to FP. It's calle "All warmed up inside " right? Haha funny part is the second sentence... LOL. Hmmm... Let's see... Oh! I'm just your problem by Marcie! Also What am I To You?/My Best Freinds In the World by Finn! You a-a-a-a-are my best friends in the world! Well there's a lot more!

    Comment what you think is the best song for you! I'll be checkin' it out every weekend!

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  • FlamePrincesstheThird567

    Flame Princess's Back story

    One day, a girl named 'Shilo' was really lonely in her room. “Wait; why not visit Bonnie in her room?" Shilo thought. Bonnie (a.k.a. Bonnibel)is Shilo's sister. She went in Bonnie's room and she saw her father injecting Bonnie. "Father, what is that for?" Shilo asked. "The potion I injected her with is for her to live forever until EVIL has came upon her." Her Father soon replied. Then, Bonnie was turning pink-ish. Shilo asked “But, why pink?" "I'm turning to Bubblegum. Soon I'll be a princess and soon be called, Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum!" Bonnie replied. "Pfft, yeah right." Shilo smirked. Then, a half vampire kid named Marceline, which turned out to be the two girls' cousin,walked in. "Hey, Shilo, Why not you become …

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  • FlamePrincesstheThird567

    If I was an A.T. character, If would defs be Flame Princess. She's is my favorite character. She's rad and literally too hot for evil to handle (Please, it's my opinion. Don't be all like "No she isn't!"). She is Finn's current crush. If you want to know more about click here. I think it'll be totes cool to be with an adventurer like Finn and Jake because I love adventures.


    Well, Marcie I think. She's one wild rocker girl and that's how one of my friends describe me... She's totally undead so... I get to be Marcie forever. For more info about Marcie, click here.

    Seriously? Boy? I'm totes gonna be Finn. He's one rad bro. He fights evil and never lets a girl down. He fights evil to save people. I really like him. A lot. For infos of Finn, cli…

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