Flame Princess's Back story

One day, a girl named 'Shilo' was really lonely in her






room. “Wait; why not visit
Bonnie in her room?" Shilo thought. Bonnie (a.k.a. Bonnibel)is Shilo's sister. She went in Bonnie's room and she saw her father injecting Bonnie. "Father, what is that for?" Shilo asked. "The potion I injected her with is for her to live forever until EVIL has came upon her." Her Father soon replied. Then, Bonnie was turning pink-ish. Shilo asked “But, why pink?" "I'm turning to Bubblegum. Soon I'll be a princess and soon be called, Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum!" Bonnie replied. "Pfft, yeah right." Shilo smirked. Then, a half vampire kid named Marceline, which turned out to be the two girls' cousin,walked in. "Hey, Shilo, Why not you become fire to melt Bonnie?" Marceline said, laughing. "HEY!" Bonnie yelled. "Please stop fighting." Their father scolded. "Father, can I be fire? I promise not to melt Bonnie..." Shilo asked. "Sure thing." Father replied. Their father took them to some place with lots of giant containers with potions. "That giant bucket, dip your hand and you shall be a fire person. But be careful." Father said. Shilo walked to the giant bucket her father was talking about. She was going to dip her hand but the floor she was standing on was not strong enough. She fell in the giant bucket. Her father saw all of what happened. "NO! IT SHOULDN'T BE THIS WAY! YOU SOAKED IN THE POTION TOO MUCH!" Her father shouted. Some Giant fire guys saved her. And she was a fire person indeed. But, she didn't see her father again. The fire 'dude' brought her to the Fire Kingdom. “I am the Flame King. What’s your name immortal?” The Fire guy asked. “My name is Sh-Shilo, my king.” Shilo replied.”Why am I in your kingdom, your highness?” “Please, call me your new father. I need a princess, a daughter for my kingdom. I also saved you from that war.” Flame King said. “But what about my father?” The fire girl asked, confused. “Your father died in the war. Everybody did.” Replied Flame King. A few years later, someone came in the kingdom. She was a bubblegum-like girl. Now, she remembers-BONNIE!!!Bonnie explained about Shilo’s instability: If one kisses her, she’ll destroy earth accidentally. To prevent this, she has to be locked in a lantern. A few hours, she is now indeed in a lamp. She changed. She grew more curious. And whenever she sleeps, she has nightmares of somebody whispering ‘evil’ several times in her ear. She cannot be let go for some reason. Flame Princess (a.k.a. Shilo) is now 13 years old. A golden mutt (Jake) came in her kingdom. She was set free because of love, because of ‘Prince’ Finn. =====
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