If I was an Adventure Time Character who would you be?

If I was an A.T. character, If would defs be Flame Princess. She's is my favorite character. She's rad and literally too hot for evil to handle (Please, it's my opinion. Don't be all like "No she isn't!"). She is Finn's current crush. If you want to know more about click here. I think it'll be totes cool to be with an adventurer like Finn and Jake because I love adventures.


My Favorite Character


What if you can't be FP?

Well, Marcie I think. She's one wild rocker girl and that's how one of my friends describe me... She's totally undead so... I get to be Marcie forever. For more info about Marcie, click here.

How about if you have to be a boy?

Seriously? Boy? I'm totes gonna be Finn. He's one rad bro. He fights evil and never lets a girl down. He fights evil to save people. I really like him. A lot. For infos of Finn, click here.

Comment your opinions!

Comment your opinions below so I would know what you guys would like to be! Answer with the questions found above. (If you are a boy, change the last question to "How about if you have to be a GIRL?") Thanks!