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Flame King

  • I live in I live in the Fire Kingdom and rule it.
  • My occupation is I rule the Fire Kingdom and will attack anybody who is water or ice. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are not worthy of my time i will slay you.
  • I am I am a Fire King. What do you think?
  • Flame King

    Anyways what is your Favorite Adventure Time episode? My favorite episode is Return to the Nightosphere/Daddy's little monster. This was my Favorite HALF HOUR episode. My favorite episode was Hot To the Touch because it brung back neptr and the goblin kingdom and of course flame princess.

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  • Flame King

    Greetings everyone this blog is about what do you think what will happen in princess monster wife. I am perplexed about the episode cause of the fact that they only been showing the short preview of the episode. Anybody have any Guesses? This is a common practice among visiting dignataries.

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