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    Chat discussion

    August 26, 2012 by Flame Prince Finn

    So according to a blog comment or two the rules are too strict in chat. It is a proposal on this blog that we should only be censoring words that are specifically censored on television. I note with some hesitance that our current system is actually trying to follow that ideal. There isn't a list of words that are disallowed on Cartoon Network, so we do have some guess work. Most of the words that are banned are pretty clear no-nos.

    One specific case: "Piss" is allowed because it's said on Regular Show. It was censored until that came up, and the fact that RS used it is a pain to me because it makes the line between cuss and not cuss more obfuscated. If they were to use more of our banned words on Cartoon Network we would allow them as well…

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  • Flame Prince Finn

    For those of you who have seen my art blog be aware that this project is part of the reason I am not particularly quick to respondhave not been drawing whatsoever. I have a lot of free time in my estimation, but I am still a busy person.

    I'm not putting the map up for download until it is completed. However, if you want to join my server while I'm building feel free to do so. Just ask me for information in the chat (you will need Hamachi).

    The goal is for this project to include the vast majority of non-contradictory structures of Ooo shown in the show. Sometimes different portrayals of the same thing create problems, but such is life. I just use a working solution and move on. I am trying to include everything, but realistically I would have …

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  • Flame Prince Finn

    Colonel Bolete tapped his foot uneasily on his carriage's floorboards. He glanced around at his men, none of which accepted the brief offer of reassuring eye contact. The squad had been riding for just under an hour without a word. Each of the soldiers appeared to be lost in their own thoughts, but it was clear that wartime had gotten to each of them. Too many Moshroomen soldiers had lost their lives in battle for those that remained to not feel uncertain about their own. There were only 8 men left in Bolete's squad - including the driver - it had dwindled down to just under half its original size.

    The war never really made sense to Bolete. Cultivated mushrooms and wild mushrooms didn't have so many dissimilarities that they should find rea…

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    Art Blog Izzle

    April 29, 2012 by Flame Prince Finn

    I've decided I done enough drawings to start posting them in the form of a blog.

    I don't really keep up with requests very well apparently. If you post an idea here, it MIGHT get done. I've been doing schoolwork and chess lately, so art has kinda gone on the backburner. Sorry about that.

    I do appreciate the feedback though. Thanks guys.

    Anyway I'm totally up to cool suggestions. That is all.

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