I've decided I done enough drawings to start posting them in the form of a blog.

I don't really keep up with requests very well apparently. If you post an idea here, it MIGHT get done. I've been doing schoolwork and chess lately, so art has kinda gone on the backburner. Sorry about that.

I do appreciate the feedback though. Thanks guys.

Drawings I'm particularly happy with


T shirt designs

These are for a T shirt contest on welovefine. I'd appreciate if you left good ratings, links to rate are here:

Science PB

Finn and FP

AT kids

PB and Marcy

You could call these commissioned I guess

For the record I have been falling farther behind with actual real life things to do so I haven't kept up with drawing anything. Rest assured that if your comment is somewhere below I will make a legitimate effort to get to it, though it might not be soon. Thanks for being patient

Anyway I'm totally up to cool suggestions. That is all.