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Debate Time

Debate Time!

I want you guys to really think about this... Do you guys think that if Finn dated Princess Bubblegum, would Jake find Flame Princess? This would be hard to think about because what if he did, because Finn was upset, but Princess Bubblegum asked him out while Jake was finding Finn a lady. Would Finn say yes? Let's say he did. Jake pretended that Finn was there at the Fire Kingdom, but changed is mind and said "Finn" didn't like her... She would have gone to his house, burn most of his things, until she was saved by Finn... She would have said," What's the matter with me? Huh!?! You don't like me!" He would say,"I like you (As Friends)" She would blush, then say,"What's wrong with you?" She would of slapped him and said,"Don't ever mess with me again!"

Express what you think in the Comment Box..

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