Do You Think Billy Is A True Hero?

There is a person you probably know, who's blog is the most popular so far. I am actually respectful enough not to say his or her name. This person is making alot of people angry, because this person thinks that Billy (Before He Was Possessed) is not a True Hero. I believe he is a True Hero to his land, like Finn. Just because he is dead, it does not mean he is not a hero. It is almost like saying dead soldiers are not True Heroes. Did they not just die for our freedom? Are you kidding me? I am just comparing the obvious facts. I mean the Art of War is written in blood. Who's blood? The soldiers who died for our freedom. Yeah, their blood. Billy saved citizens, destroyed any evil, etc. He died of old age. He, then, got possessed by the Lich. I want to hear your voice. Tell me what you believe!