"Princess Bubblegum! Don't leave me!", yelled Finn.

"You know Cinnamon Bun bit my leg so it won't effect me until 30 minutes later...", Princess Bubblegum explained.

"Oh.", said Finn.

"Ok. I see the problem. I added Muscle Milk instead of Blood of a Candy Species. I put the label on the wrong bottle!", said Princess Bubblegum

"Here! I found it! It was in your refridgerator.", said Flame Princess.

"Great! Finn go get it.", Princess Bubblegum demanded.

"Why can't I get it?", Flame Princess asked.

"You are going to make the plastic sizzle, making a hole in the tube, which would make the liquid come on you.", explained Princess Bubblegum.

"Thanks for looking out for her.",said Finn while hugging Flame Princess.

"Finn? How come you don't feel pain whenever you hug me.", asked Flame Princess.

"Love can get you through anything...", Finn said. Princess Bubblegum did a silent "Aww..."

"Huh?", Flame Princess asked.

"I am just used to the pain.", Finn said as he was reaching for the tube.

"Oh...", said Flame Princess.

Finn handed Princess Bubblegum the tube of Candy Blood. She mixed it in with some Candy Powder, Sugar, and Chopped Gumdrops. She then got some Candy Canes. She chopped them up then threw them in the Blender. She got Eggnog and poured it into the Blender as well. She mixed it up and put it into the cup. She mixed up all the ingredients together. She got some Ice Cream and melted it at 350 degress Fahrenhiet. She poured it on the ingredients and mixed it up. She put some of her Gum Hair into the ingredients. She mixed it up. Poof! A Heart Shaped cloud exploded out of the cup.

"It's finished! I will pour a little on meh!!!", said Princess Bubblegum.

She has transformed into a zombie! Princess Bubblegum dropped the cup. Finn caught it.

"Let me go pour the antidote on these zombies, sweetie. I love you. Don't forget that!", said Finn.

He poured it on Princess Bubblegum first. He then poured it on everyone in the Candy Kingdom. Everyone was back to normal.

"That's the story I wrote about you guys! You like it! I figured that you and Flame Princess need some more "Zip" in your love life. Hee Hee Hee!", said the Ice King.

Gunther snored on the Ice Kings lap.

"Tell me you like it or I kill you!!!", yelled Ice King.

"That was a wonderful story. Can you please write another one next time you capture us? That was wonderful! Bravo!", said Finn and Jake.

"That's great!", exlaimed the Ice King!

"Can we leave now?", asked FInn and Jake.

"No.", said Ice King.

"Why? My hands are frezzing in these Ice Cuffs!", Finn said.

"I have another story, silly!", said Ice King.

"NO!!!", yelled Finn and Jake.

"And that is the story I wrote about you guys. Fionna? Cake? Did you guys like my story? Tell me you like it or you die!", exclaimed the Ice Queen.

"Yes, yes!", said Fionna and Cake.

The End...