"Princess Bubblegum! I found the papers... under the Enchridion. How did you get this?", said Finn.

"I didn't get it. I written the whole book by hand...", said Princess Bubblegum.

"You wha-"

"Shh! What the Junk Finn? Do you want us to get caught?", whispered Princess Bubblegum.

"Us?", asked Finn.

"Now that you and you uncontrollable Lantern Lady know about this... You have to keep it a secret or else you will get caught.", said Princess Bubblegum.

"Hey! Don't you call me Lantern Lady or I will melt you and let you melt on the sidewalk until you get stuck under someone's shoe!", yelled Flame Princess.

"How dare you use that tone of voice with me you little..."

"Don't say it!", yelled Finn.

"...Girl.", said Princess Bubblegum.

"Let me at her Finn! I am going to knock the red of your rosy cheeks!", yelled Flame Princess.

"We are in the middle of a Zombie Apocolypse and you two want to die arguing!", yelled Finn.

"Yeah. I mean it's kinda worth it on a scale one to-"

"No! Look at you guys! I thought you two were better than that!", yelled Finn.


"Back to business. Who would we get caught by, PB?", said Finn.

"The Lich. He would do anything to possess great power...", said Princess Bubblegum.

"Oh...", said Finn.

"Just like your evil wicked Girlfriend.", Princess Bubblegum whispered.

"What did you just say?", Flame Princess said angrily.

Finn was in the middle when they tried to punch each other. Princess Bubblegum was holding the hammer used to board up the windows. She was trying to push Flame Princess, but accidently hit Finn. Finn passed out due to a concussion. A zombie broke in and tried to bite Finn. Flame Princess carried Finn and ran with Princess Bubblegum to Princess Bubblegum's Room.

"Oh Finn... Please be ok...", whispered Flame Princess while putting her hand on his heart.

"You really do care about Finn... I am sorry. I thought I was protecting him from something evil, but it turns out that I was protecting him from nothing. That is why I got your dad to lock you up because your physically unstable and you came from evil blood.", said Princess Bubblegum.

"It's alright. I am sorry, too. I didn't mean anything I said. I get easily angry.", said Flame Princess.

To Continue...