~Love at First Kiss~ Part Four

Finn was ran to Princess Bubblegum. They both went inside her castle, and locked the doors.

"What the Glob is happening PB!", Finn yelled.

"Calm down. I will tell you while we block out the windows with candy plywood.", said Princess Bubblegum, while handing him a hammer, some nails, and candy plywood.

"I snuck some of the Zombie skin from Cinnamon Bun and-"

"I thought you were done with the Zombie Business!", yelled Finn.

"Can I finish Finn?", asked Princess Bubblegum.

"Yeah, yeah.", said Finn.

"I wanted to see if I can bring all of the candy people who have died back to life. Lady Rainicorn was helping me. I told her that she needed to stay home because of her unborn baby. She denied it. I poured a drip of the antidote on one of the graves. It turns out that I was missing one key ingredient. It was a piece of Candy flesh. This Candy Zombie bit Lady Rainicorn. She didn't turn into a zombie so quickly. I took her home to get rest while I find the papers for that antidote. Now, the rest of the kingdom is infected.", said Princess Bubblegum.

Flame Princess burned her way through the door.

"What the Glob is happening Finn?", yelled Flame Princess.

"I will tell you after we go to the Candy Lab.", said Finn.

They ran upstairs to the Candy Lab. They looked everywhere for the papers. They found it... under the Enchiridion...

To Continue...