~Love at First Kiss~ Part One

One day in a Forest next to the land of Ooo, Jake and Finn were taking turns saying jokes to Princess Bubblegum.

"Ha! Oh my Glob! That is so funny Jake!", said Princess Bubblegum.

"Yo! Finn! It is your turn.", said Jake. Finn was looking at the sky. Will I ever see her again? He thought.

"Finn?" asked Jake, with a fart prior to his question.

"Eww! You are sick man!", said Finn

"Aghh!", screamed an anonymous voice.

"Someone is in trouble! Let's save it! Excuse us!", said Finn.

They ran to the anonymous voice. It was Flame Princess. She was lying soaking wet, coughing in pain. Finn knealed down and breathed oxygen into her, which turned into kissing. They stopped, both blushing.

She said,"Thank you for saving me Prince Finn."

"Your welcome!", He said.

"How may I repay you?", She asked.

He knealed down and asked her," Would you do the extrodinary honor of being my date to the Ball, Princess Bubblegum is hosting?"

She squealed,"I do!"

To Continue...