Flame Princess decided she can hold the Zombies off while Finn and Princess Bubblegum find another room to create the antidote. Ice King tagged along, but he was tied up.

"You can't leave me!", said Finn.

"I won't. I will always be with you, Finn. Go with PB!", said Flame Princess.

"I am staying with you.", said Finn.

"Fine I will go with you guys.", said Flame Princess.

Flame Princess lied to protect Finn. When he ran through the door to get out of Princess Bubblegum's Room, she locked the door so she can distract them.

"No!", yelled Finn.

"She will be ok. Fire is not a Solid, Liquid, or a Gas. Fire is thermal energy, when exposed to Liquid, it will be destroyed, but according to Science Laws, Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. If she is exposed to Liquid, she will still be here, maybe not visible, but still there. It is almost like the fireplace. You start the fire and you feel heat. When the fire starts to get low on fuel, it will shrink. Eventually, the fire would not be visible, but if you hover your hand over the coals or the wood that the fire was burning, you feel heat.", explained Princess Bubblegum.

"What?", asked Finn.

"She is fine!", yelled Princess Bubblegum.

They went inside the kitchen. Flame Princess beat them there.

"How did you take care of them so easily?", asked Finn.

"I trapped them in Cinnamon Bun's home.", said Flame Princess.

"Oh.", said Finn.

"I am glad we all are ok. Now let us see we got here...", said Princess Bubblegum.

"Whoa. Flame Princess, check this out!", said Finn while holding a piece of paper under the pa
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The paper Finn is holding.

pers for the antidote.

"That is crazy!",said Flame Princess.

"Yeah. Hey, Princess Bubblegum. Are you in the Zombie Research Society?", asked Finn.

"Yeah. I am the head of it. Oh! I am almost done with this antidote.", said Princess Bubblegum.

The sun has risen and shined through the windows of the kitchen. They didn't sleep the previous night. They were tired and cranky, but they fought through it.

"Done!", yelled Princess Bubblegum.

She went to Cinnamon Bun's house and poured the antidote on them. It didn't work. They became stronger. Princess Bubblegum blocked the windows and doors with strong objects.

"Oh no! Ahh! He got me!", yelled Princess Bubblegum.

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