"Where am I?", asked Finn.

"In my Bedroom.", replied Princess Bubblegum.

"Oh... Now I remember. I don't know why my head hurts though.", said Finn.

"I hit you on the head with a hammer, on accident. We made up though when you were recovering. It's only been 30 minutes.", said Princess Bubblegum.

"Hey. Where did Flame Princess go?", asked Finn.

"Why do you care? I thought you loved me? She went to go get some more candy plywood, Finn. Just so you know.", said Princess Bubblegum.

Princess Bubblegum was acting wierd. She was in a pink dress that went down to her mid-thigh. She started to unbutton it.

"Princess Bubblegum? I have a girlfriend... Get away.", said Finn.

"I know and I don't care." , said Princess Bubblegum.

Her dress fell and touched the ground.

"Suprise!", said the Ice King.

He froze Finn's body, except for his head.

"How can you fit in a dress like that?", asked Finn.

"Here is my story. I made a slim machine. You strap it to your stomach and pick how slim you want to be. I also made a universal voice disguise machine. I used it to sound like her. I also sewn an outfit to look like her.", said the Ice King.

"I am going to kill you!", yelled Finn.

"You can't kill me. You are frozen. Once your body is frozen completely, due to hypothermia, Princess Bubblegum shall be mine!", said the Ice King.

The closet door was knocked down by Princess Bubblegum. She hit the small lantern that Flame Princess was held captive in.

"Don't you touch my boyfriend! Ice King?", said Flame Princess.

Princess Bubblegum tied Ice King up. Flame Princess melted the ice. He was shivering. Flame Princess melted the ice just in time. She sat next to him, so he would warm up.

All of a sudden, A Gumball Guardian crashed through the castle. All of the Zombies were able to go through the castle.

"Oh my Glob! Please don't!", yelled Finn.

To Continue...