~Love At First Kiss~ Part Three

"After you check on Lady Rainicorn and I chill with Flame Princess, Meet me at the Kingdom of Ooo.", said Finn.

"Alright, Bro!", said Jake.

Jake went to Lady Rainicorn's House. She was lying on her bed, coughing. She didn't look as colorful as she used to. She was grey-ish.

"Babe, You alright?", asked Jake.

"Grr...", she replied.

"Ahhh! Grr..." , said Jake.

Meanwhile, Finn went to Flame Princess's house. She was getting ready. She looked at her picture of Finn.

"May I come in Flame Princess? It's me Finn!", Finn said.

"Sure!", she said.

They were talking sbout how much fun they had at the Ball. They were also talking about how Lady Rainicorn was sick, so Jake didn't go to the Ball.

"I have to go Flame Princess. I will see you tommorow.", said Finn.

"Ok. Bye Finn.", she said.

"You want a hug before I go.", said Finn.

"No...", said Flame Princess.

Next thing you know, She came really close to him and whispered,"How about a kiss?"

Finn kissed her for a really long time. Then, He left, blushing.

He went to the Kingdom of Ooo.

"Oh Glob, Jake!!!", screamed Finn.

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