~Love At First Kiss~ Part Two

Knock Knock!

"Oh Glob! Jake, Can you get the door?", said Finn

Ok, buddy!", replied Jake.

Jake opened the door and saw Flame Princess in a beautiful gown.
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Flame Princess and Finn going to the Ball...

He said,"Come inside, My Lady... Finn is almost ready!"

"Ok! I'm done!", said Finn while climbing down the ladder.

"Wow. You look beautiful.", said Finn.

"Thank you.", she said in reply.

"See you at the Ball, Jake!", said Finn.

"Alright!", said Jake while holding up the number two. (Tier 2)

Later on, They arrived at the Ball.

"Shall we dance, Flame Princess?", Finn Asked.

"Yes.", she said.
Kissing at the Ball

Finn imagining his kiss with Flame Princess...

They danced and danced until the end of the night. Finn could almost imagine how his kiss would be like. Flame Princess leaned back and they kissed. Exactly how he imagined it. They both went home blushing.

"I will see you tommorow, my dear.", he said giggling.

"I will see you tommorow, my love.", she said in reply, giggling also.

Finn ran back home.

"I did it!", said Finn.

"That's great buudy...", sighed Jake.

"What up, Jake?", asked Finn.

"Lady Rainicorn is sick...", said Jake.

"Maybe, You can go over to her house tommorow.", said Finn.

"That's a great idea!", said Jake.

"Hmm..." , said Finn.

"What?", said Jake.

"I just noticed that PB was nowhere in sight at the Ball...", said Finn.

"That's wierd... She's the host of that Ball. We need to see what's up with that... After, We see our ladies.", said Jake.

"Alright. Goodnight.", said Finn.

" Goodnight.", said Jake.

To continue...