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  • I live in fire kingdom
  • My occupation is princess/student
  • I am girl
  • Flame princess1414

    Hi, everyone

    i wanted all of you to CHOOSE your fave episode i will give epiodes from season 1-4 because i have not seen Season 5 yet. So i wanted all of you guys to choose which episode is the best for you! SO YOU CHOOSE YOUR EPISODE!!!

    Season 1:

    Prisoners of love or His hero


    Season 2:

    Power animal or To cut a woman's hair    


    Season 3:

    Memory of a Memory or Fionna and Cake


    Season 4:

    Hot to the touch or Burning Low                                          


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  • Flame princess1414

    Hello, adventure time lovers!

    i just wanted to talk about some episodes on Season 1and 2 cause i don't have much time to review the other epidodes. Sorry!

    Season 1:

    My two favorite people:
    This episode envolves Jake's problem with Lady and Finn, so it was like he had to hangout with finn then lady. He didn't have time for both of them, so all he did is let them hangout together but things got worse for Jake cause..... Lady and Finn started playing TOGETHER!!! so Jake thought of a plan by making them very jealous. So they ended up being stupid and happy!
    The Gut Grinder:
    It's when Jake and Finn try protecting the people of the Land of Ooo but, whenever Jake is in his big form the people think hes the gut grinder! So when they made it to the shar…
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  • Flame princess1414


    December 19, 2012 by Flame princess1414

    HI everyone, i just wnated to put a gallery with LOTS of picks and stuff! So i hope you'll love/like it!!! :)

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  • Flame princess1414

    Patty v.s. Mandy

    December 19, 2012 by Flame princess1414

    Hi, umm.......... can you people deside who is a better friend for me?? is it Patty or Mandy

    Don't worry cause i'll like give you some facts about them.


    • sometimes accusing,bossy,always says i'm mean(when i'm not!)
    • annoying
    • clumsy,awkward
    • curly hair, and lots of moles
    • tells me things i'm not!


    • Ignores me, hits me, mean
    • liar and pathetic
    • ugly
    • looks like a white lady
    • weird
    • cruel
    • alone in life
    • Bossy!!!
    • hides her emotions(but it's obvious to know her emotions)

    I hope you deside this and i think this is good facts for all of you to CHOOSE OR VOTE who is a better friend!!!

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  • Flame princess1414

    Hello, i'm flame princess1414 and i like finn also, just like the real FP. well the reason i posted the title called princess bubblegum v.s. flame princess is well........... because i wanted all of you viewers to VOTE! who is the best girl for finn.

    And to all of you i hope you enjoy this tribute about finn with flame princess and finn with princess bubblegum. So that all of you can vote who is better for finn. IS IT F.P. AND FINN OR IS IT PEEBLES AND FINN!!!YOU VOTE!!!

    BTW= people don't vote for other AT people, only pick between PB AND FP. OK!!!?? :)