Hello, adventure time lovers!

i just wanted to talk about some episodes on Season 1and 2 cause i don't have much time to review the other epidodes. Sorry!

Season 1:

My two favorite people:
This episode envolves Jake's problem with Lady and Finn, so it was like he had to hangout with finn then lady. He didn't have time for both of them, so all he did is let them hangout together but things got worse for Jake cause..... Lady and Finn started playing TOGETHER!!! so Jake thought of a plan by making them very jealous. So they ended up being stupid and happy!

The Gut Grinder:
It's when Jake and Finn try protecting the people of the Land of Ooo but, whenever Jake is in his big form the people think hes the gut grinder! So when they made it to the sharp people they really thought he was the Gut Grinder. So finn tried to help jake and even that old guy their in the dungeon. so when the gut grinder(real one) the people were shocked that Jake was not the gut Grinder, so they let him free and then they all noticed that the Gut Grinder was the king's WIFE! so the end.

Season 2:
Mystery Train:
During, finn's b-day Jake had a surprise for finn. A train trip to his party! but on the ride their was a suspicous MURDER! who killed the people on the train, whenever it came to blackouts. So finn started looking for that murder, he searched but, he was wrong! then soon the last other people on the train died!!! and even Jake! so finn new it was the conducter who killed the candy people and JAKE! on his birthday. Then finn started chasing the conducter. Then after everything it turns out, it was a prank of jake for Finn's b-day! after that they both screamed cause they were about to fall of a cliff. But suddenly a jelly dude was their to catch them. So on that part it was a total ACCIDENT.

Heat Signature:
This is when Marcy and her pals(ghosts)with finn and jake wanted to watch the movie Heat Signature! but then finn and jake weret comfy with the couch sooo.... Marceline hook up a prank to turn Finn and Jake to VAMPIRES! actually she just pinched them and put dots on them, so it looked real. Then when finn and jake said that they arent flying marcy told them they need to do vampire moves first. So, they did invisibility, kicking, and other stuff. After that, the ghosts wanted them to fly! and marcy said no to but it was to late finn and jake were "flying" but marceline caught them making them fell like they were flying. The ghosts went down and pleased finn and jake, and invited them to their place. So marcy said not to finn said they won't, marceline was relived. Unfortunatley both of them came their and nearly died but marcy came and saved them. And all of them ended up watching the movie while Finn and Jake were still uncomfortable, the couch.