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Patty v.s. Mandy

Hi, umm.......... can you people deside who is a better friend for me?? is it Patty or Mandy

Don't worry cause i'll like give you some facts about them.


  • sometimes accusing,bossy,always says i'm mean(when i'm not!)
  • annoying
  • clumsy,awkward
  • curly hair, and lots of moles
  • tells me things i'm not!


  • Ignores me, hits me, mean
  • liar and pathetic
  • ugly
  • looks like a white lady
  • weird
  • cruel
  • alone in life
  • Bossy!!!
  • hides her emotions(but it's obvious to know her emotions)

I hope you deside this and i think this is good facts for all of you to CHOOSE OR VOTE who is a better friend!!!

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